Blue Alliance IT Service Program – Quotes

Why should someone take advantage of the Service Grant?  

Which service activity would you recommend?

How do you fit service into your busy life?

Adam Brock – Senior Technical Director, PathForward IT

Everyone should take advantage of the service grant because there is nothing as rewarding as supporting your local communities.

If you have never served before, I recommend finding something that can be done with a group of coworkers or friends. Eventually you will find something you are passionate about.

Just like anything else, service can be challenging because no one has time. I found ways to serve despite a busy schedule by leveraging opportunities during less busy work days. The key for me has been including teammates, family, and prioritizing my service because it is important to me.

Catherine Stiene – Director of Talent, Blue Alliance

This is an amazing perk that we are so lucky to have! You have the opportunity to give back and feel like you are marking a direct impact.

There is no right or wrong choice! I love anything that is outdoors or intertwined with personal hobbies/passions.

With a toddler at home, I could not volunteer as much as I would like without utilizing our service grant. I am thankful to have this program where I can take time off during the workday to help others.

Terrance Truitt – Director of Compliance, Risk and Governance, Blue Alliance

There are several reasons why someone should take advantage of the Service Grant. First, it provides an opportunity to give back to the community by engaging in service activities that can benefit others during times that may otherwise be tough to schedule around. It can also be a great way to develop new skills, meet new people, and gain valuable experience that can be useful in both personal and professional contexts. Additionally, the service grant opportunity is an excellent program that shows the organization’s commitment to our local communities, but also it helps to provide us with a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment that comes with helping others and contributing to a greater cause.

I may be a little biased since it is the only one I’ve done, but I would HIGHLY recommend volunteering with SHP Beds (Sleep in Heavenly Peace). SHP Beds is a nonprofit organization that provides beds to children who don’t have a bed to sleep on. This is an important issue because sleep is critical to a child’s health and well-being, and many children are forced to sleep on the floor or on couches because their families can’t afford a bed. By volunteering with SHP Beds, you can help build and deliver beds to these children and make a real difference in their lives.

I find that fitting service into my life can be challenging, but it’s important for me to be available for volunteering when possible. One strategy that has worked for me is to search for volunteer opportunities that align with my schedule and interests. For instance, I may choose to volunteer on weekends, during my lunch break, or in the evenings after work. I also enjoy volunteering with friends and family to make it a more social and enjoyable experience. It’s important to remember that even a small amount of time and effort can make a significant impact on someone’s life.

Katie Powers – VP of People Operations, Blue Alliance

Community service will change you or teach you something you did not expect. Maybe not transcendent but even just observing that you feel lighter than when you started and why that might be OR that you successfully stepped away from your desk and the world did not end those are all very individualistic reasons but I think for someone who had not taken advantage of the service grant in 10 years of employment, my realization was that it is possible and no one is too busy, there is a way to make it happen, find the right fit for you! You won’t regret it.

I would recommend a service activity that sparks your interest for one reason or another.  For example, I love food and feeding people, a previous boss of mine started a nonprofit doing exactly that and more, I was immediately intrigued.

I am able to fit service into my busy life because I am empowered to take the time out of my work day to do it. I am a working mom of two young children, I don’t get time for myself let alone adding something to my life out of work which is focused on my girls so being able to step away from my desk to work with other team members at something that benefits the community, feeds a hungry human and focuses on honorable principles is incredibly empowering.

Max Wood – Talent Partner, Blue Alliance IT

People should take advantage of the Service Grant, as it gives you the opportunity to make your community a better place while also being covered at work! Often our busy lives make it difficult to help out as much as we may want, but thanks to the Service Grant, we now have the best of both worlds.

I would highly recommend La Soupe. The work is not that intensive, but is critical, as it provides food to the disenfranchised in the Cincinnati area.  Matthew 25 Ministries is another great place, as they provide help to people across the world.

I have fit service into my life by making it a team activity with my department. We all try to do the same activities together, so we can grow as a team, and know when we are out of the office.

Lizz Herbert – Talent Partner, Blue Alliance

The Service Grant program gives you the opportunity to give back to the community – and get out of the office!

Some of my favorite service opportunities in Cincinnati are the Ronald McDonald House, La Soupe, and Matthew 25 Ministries!

I am able to fit service into my life by making it a priority. It is especially great to use the time I would otherwise be working to serve others using the service grant!

Mike Sheff – CEO, Tier1MRO

The Service Grant is essentially a “gift” from the owners of the Company to the employees that will both enrich their lives in ways that many people may never otherwise get a chance to experience as well as deliver on the tangible need of helping other people who are struggling with the daily challenges of life.  I know it is cliche, but after you experience it, you will get as much or more out of it than you put in from a personal gratitude and satisfaction standpoint.

I believe that your service activity should be something that you believe is important to you and your community. You have a chance to make a difference where you live, work and play … there are so many options!  You just must find the one that is close to your heart!  Being part of helping kids have a chance at things that they might not have ever had is most important to me!  For our IT engineers … volunteering time at their local high school / middle school for first robotics and Vex is a great community service.  Teaching kids to code that would never have had a chance to learn and let alone compete in very complex competitive events.

Everyone is busy – every day.  EVERYONE.  It’s easy to look the other way or come up with an excuse as to why it’s not possible to contribute your time – kids, family, work, etc.  Making the decision to serve others in need requires a person to be selfless and kind – and that doesn’t often happen naturally as we all work to push through/survive each day.  Each dealing with our own set of issues and difficulties.  You just have to take the plunge and select an opportunity provided through Todd that sounds like a good fit with what you feel you are able to contribute.   Then go do it to the best of your ability.  You will figure out where to go from there.

Lindsey Russell – People Operations Coordinator, Blue Alliance

One should use their volunteer hours if not for their own humbleness, at least then for the empathy and fulfillment that come when serving others. Jesus teaches us to love and serve others and I am thankful to have a workplace that allows us to live that mission. Volunteering also allows us to experience life from someone else’s perspective allowing us to expand our worldview. Knowing I made an impact in someone’s life in one way or another fills my heart. (Galatian 5:13 “You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, SERVE one another HUMBLY in LOVE.”

How can you pick just one…. I feel so full when I am able to be a light. Being a light to me means sharing the same love that Jesus shared with the people. Bringing a positive impact in the lives of children, women, businesses that other wise may continue to suffer is what drives me to help. Sleep in Heavenly peace is a great organization that places you front line and center in a families home where you can see and feel the joy and excitement of all the family members. The children are excited to have new, clean, bedding and proud to have something that they can call their own. Other places I would recommend would be serving people in a face to face manner like a soup kitchen. Feeding a meal, handing out clothes or school supplies is so rewarding, just being there to be a light in someone’s day is all I need.

Fitting service in can be as easy as shuffling around schedules. Maybe you go by yourself while your spouse takes care of the kids, maybe you make it a family event and get everyone involved. Thankfully we have 40hours of service hours that can be used during the day if someone isn’t able to shuffle around evening or weekend obligations. Prioritizing the time and seeing it through brings so much joy! 

Dominique McNeil – Engineer 1, Backup and Recovery, Path Forward IT

I think we should all do our part in giving back to the community. We believe in providing a service in our careers, but it is important to continue that integrity and empathy throughout everyday life. It is a perfect way to help out in society and also get our company name out there.

Personally, I love anything outdoors. I love being able to get out of the house and help the community outside. I also love the services involving feeding and donating. I believe these causes are very important to give back to the community.

Doug Wayman – Procurement Manager, PathForward IT

The extra PTO that is gained is a nice benefit but getting to know other PFIT/Blue Alliance employees that I don’t normally interact with was an unintended benefit.

I have only participated in the Ronald McDonald House kitchen service but being able to give back a little time for those families was really rewarding.

Audrey Sexton – CEO, Skynet

I would recommend anything to do with St. Vincent de Paul or New Life Furniture Bank.. They are Skynet clients 😉 But they are both amazing organizations, both giving back to those in need. From furniture to food to helping pay monthly utilities to providing needed medications. They truly believe in helping our community.

This is a tough one. With work and family, time is limited. But I think you just have to make it a priority. Add it to your calendar and make it happen!

Tabby Stoeppel – CEO, PathForward IT

Exposing and involving my kids in opportunities to serve others has been humbling, fun and a great experience.

Grant Meece – Technical Manager, Data Center, Path Forward IT

Giving back is very rewarding. It just feels good to help and support others. You also are given all these service grant hours, so why not use them?

Dale Eggenschwiller – Systems Support Specialist, Skynet

Employees should take advantage of the Service Grant because you get paid to help people! This also will lift your spirits- It feels GOOD to help someone less fortunate than yourself.

Mike Estep – Co-Founder, Blue Alliance

In so many cases the option to use something like our Blue Alliance service grant isn’t even an option, so you should take advantage of it because you can! You should give your time because it is important to your community and giving starts local! Having the ability to help at so many local charities, schools and other groups is so important to growing your own community, which is the community that most of us live, work and play!

If you are passionate about the activity then doing it isn’t fitting it in, it is supplying the joy that so many of us need today!