Blue Alliance IT Service Program – Asheville, NC Habitat Trip


Sun, Sept. 29 (6 PM) – Fri, Oct. 4 (7 AM)



Sun, July 23  – Fri, July 28

FALL 2023

Sun, October 22 – Fri, October 27

Thanks to the following wonderful people for participating in our first Blue Alliance IT Habitat for Humanity trip to Asheville, NC!  Mike Sheff (Tier1MRO), Julie Sheff, Mallory Suchanek (BA), Pete Bajalcaliev (BA), Michelle Robison (BPI), Matthew Layfield (BECA), Colin Wynn (BPI), Justin Estep (BECA), Dale Eggenschwiller (Quanexus), Todd Forman (BA).

During our visit the team worked on several houses doing painting, framing, installing house wrap using Tyvek, waterproofing the foundation by adding a stucco-like concrete mix to the foundation.  The partner families who are living in the houses include a single mother with three children, and an elderly couple who will be enjoying one of the ADA compliant, accessible aging-in-place houses that Asheville HFH builds.

Thanks to the terrific group of Blue Alliance IT team members who utilized their Service Grant and participated in our second trip to Asheville NC to work on constructing houses with Habitat for Humanity.  Team members Greg Stegman (PFIT), Marshall Taylor (PatientSync), Zach Taylor (PFIT), Chris Sandu (Skynet), Ryan Gleason (PFIT), Matt Haines (PFIT), and Todd Forman (BA) represented Blue Alliance IT.

The team worked on two houses during the week, nailing down roofing decking, installing a fire shield between two units and a variety of other framing projects.  One home is going to a young man who recently was given custody of his three young nephews, and another unit will be going to a family with four children.  Both families are currently living in substandard housing.  The group stayed at the beautiful Blue Ridge Assembly YMCA in Black Mountain and enjoyed the incredible fall weather and change of seasons.


“Working with some Blue Alliance coworkers in Asheville was great! It was satisfying to donate some hard work toward building something for a great cause. The Habitat supervisors and core volunteers were great to meet and work with. I definitely plan on going back, and would recommend for anyone to try to come on one of the future trips!”
Ryan Gleason – Support Engineer III, Path Forward IT

These Asheville Habitat trips allow you to disconnect from the everyday and really bond with others in the organization.  Getting out of your comfort zone and serving the community are both challenging and rewarding experiences that are difficult to describe.  The Asheville area is very special, but to me the people we worked with – the staff and supervisors, the core volunteers at Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity – really made the difference.  If you are looking for a great way to use the Service Grant – this is it!
Marshall Taylor – Director of Operations, PatientSync

“Helping people in need is always a rewarding experience, but the Habitat for Humanity experience takes the reward to another level. Working in IT, much of the work we do is virtual, but building a home is a physical act that allows you to see and touch the results of your work. The opportunity to learn new skills while engaging in physical construction and simultaneously helping people in need was a fantastic experience. I absolutely recommend this opportunity to anyone that is interested. It’s a fulfilling way to make a tangible impact on the lives of others.”
Matt Haines 

“The Habitat for Humanity really opened my eyes to the true reward of service and giving back. The experience was truly rewarding and I would gladly do it again.  I learned so many different things throughout the trip in regard to teamwork, leadership, and new skills. The Service Grant Opportunity was a one of a kind experience and the team I worked with was great. I am grateful for Blue Alliance providing this wonderful experience to its team and I would definitely encourage others to give it a try.”
– Zach Taylor – Support Engineer 1, Path Forward

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to join the HFH service grant trip to Asheville, NC. Working alongside team members I have known for years and some I had just met was truly rewarding. Witnessing the daily commitment of the HFH staff and volunteers helping those in need in the local community is inspiring.  I look forward to being able to go back next year.
Greg Stegman – Director of Service Excellence, PFIT

“It was awesome working with various members of the Blue Alliance IT family on this multi-day service assignment.  It allowed for the development of much stronger relationships with our co-workers and to do some real, tangible “GOOD” for those who are in need of our help.  Would recommend it to anyone who loves to work with their hands and with diverse groups of people and talent.”
– Mike Sheff – CEO, Tier1MRO

“Going into the trip, I didn’t know more than 2 people participating but I considered it a good opportunity to meet other employees of the Blue Alliance family. I was blown away by my experience with the group of people we had on the trip. It was a perfect way to get away from the computer screen for 10 hours a day and to give back by working with a great organization. There aren’t many more satisfying feelings than seeing actual progress on the house that you’re working on, it makes that sweat equity feel that much more gratifying.”
Colin Wynn – Systems Engineer, BPI

“Going on this volunteering trip was a great experience to get to know more people in our organization that I normally do not talk to. This was my first time working with Habitat for Humanity and not too sure what I was thinking going in, but it was very rewarding work and awesome to see all the good this organization is doing for their community. It was a great opportunity to get away from the screen and do some physically activity for a few days. Bonus was going downtown Asheville after a hard day of work 😊!
Mallory Suchanek – Director of Accounting Systems Ops, Blue Alliance

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Habitat for Humanity with my coworkers. Our experience was a perfect balance of work and fun! Engaging in activities like hammering wood and applying stucco provided a wonderful opportunity for bonding. It is nice to take a couple days away from work to be outside and away from the computer. What stood out to me the most was the satisfaction of contributing positively to someone else’s life. It was great to end the days spending time with coworkers over a beer and dinner!”
Michelle Robison – Senior Project Manager, PFIT

“Going to Asheville and working with Habitat for Humanity was the BEST experience I have ever had in my long history of service work.  Working along side fellow employees to accomplish such a worthwhile goal not only gave me great respect for these folks. It also gave me a sincere appreciation for Asheville-Area Habitat for Humanity, Todd Forman and the work he does and Blue Alliance for seeing the real value of serving others and offering the Service Grant Program. I will look forward to the next chance when I can serve again.”
– Dale Eggenschwiller – Systems Support Specialist, Skynet

“I am thankful the opportunity to lead Blue Alliance IT employees and families on service activities and trips, and especially thankful for our company’s support of this service trip.  Spending a week with good people from various Blue Alliance companies is rewarding but itself, but being able to help people in need while work with an outstanding Habitat for Humanity affiliate led by organized, professional, dedicated staff makes this an outstanding service experience.  Thank you to our company leaders – Nick, Mike and Shaun – for their support of our Service Grant program and for giving me the opportunity to lead while serving.  I strongly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity being offered.  You won’t regret it!”
Todd Forman – Director of Community, Blue Alliance IT

What is Habitat for Humanity?

Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that works to provide affordable housing to people in need. The organization was founded in 1976 by Millard and Linda Fuller with the mission of building “simple, decent, and affordable” homes for those who could not afford traditional housing.

Habitat for Humanity operates in communities around the world, and its programs include new home construction, home repairs, and neighborhood revitalization. The organization works in partnership with local communities and volunteers to build and repair homes using donated materials and labor.

Habitat  also provides support to homeowners in the form of financial education, home maintenance workshops, and other resources to help families succeed in their new homes. The organization’s ultimate goal is to help people break the cycle of poverty and build a better future for themselves and their communities.

I have been fortunate to have worked with Habitat for many years – leading the construction of houses in Cincinnati, serving on a Habitat affiliate’s Board, and having led service trips to work on Habitat houses to Phelps, KY and Butler, PA.  Working with Habitat is an incredibly rewarding experience and I am excited to be partnering with Asheville this summer!

Asheville’s HFH Affiliate

Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity is the Habitat for Humanity affiliate that serves the Asheville, North Carolina area. It was founded in 1983, and since then, it has built or repaired nearly 400 homes for families in need.

In my search to find a good Habitat affiliate to partner with for our first Habitat trip, I researched several different affiliates that came recommended to me by our friends at Greater Cincinnati Habitat for Humanity.  Asheville HFH provided us with, by far, the most engaging and most affordable option.  After two trips this year, it is clear to see that this was a great choice!

Trip Highlights

♦ Work as a team helping with the construction of a Habitat for Humanity house.
♦ Work with the staff and volunteers of Asheville Habitat, as well as future Habitat homeowners.
♦ Enjoy dinner and entertainment in downtown Asheville.
♦ Learn useful skills, make new friends and know you are making a difference in the lives of others.
CLICK HERE for the typical schedule for the week.

Evening Activities

Asheville is known for its vibrant arts scene, with numerous galleries, and is also famous for its craft beer scene with over 30 breweries in the area.  It has a diverse range of restaurants and a thriving music scene.  Additionally, the city is surrounded by the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains which offer many outdoor activities.  We take advantage of the opportunities Asheville provides after a good day of working on our Habitat house!

Other Information
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Hope you can join us on this adventure to Asheville!